8 Cleaning Hacks That Make Life A Breeze

While we’d all love to live in a perfectly clean home, actually getting everything in your house spick and span is much easier said than done! No one—well… almost no one—really loves to roll up their sleeves and dig into the mess.

Like it or not, though, it’s something we’ve all got to do from time to time if we don’t want to live in a pigsty. Luckily, some clever people have figured out ways to make cleaning a heck of a lot easier. These hints and tricks make easy work of cleaning each and every inch of your home. And the best part? You probably already have everything that you need to get started right under your nose!

1. It can be hard to clean your chrome faucets and water fixtures without leaving streaks or unsightly water marks. One great solution? Buff away smudges and grime by rubbing your faucets with wax paper.


2. Just because your vacuum cleaner filter is dirty doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. Simply run your vacuum filters through the dishwasher to give them a thorough wash, and then let them air-dry before using them again!


3. This may seem a little bit counter-intuitive, but ketchup actually works as an effective polish for silverware and stainless steel or copper pots and pans. Simply squirt a little on, scrub with a scouring pad, and rinse the residue away with warm water.

4. Cast iron skillets are great once you’ve cooked with them enough times that they retain their seasoning. If you want to clean your cast iron pans without ruining the flavor they’ve acquired, just scrub them with some ordinary salt!

5. If your kitchen sink doesn’t drain quite as well as it used to, you can scrub it clean with an old toothbrush and then drop sliced lemons in the garbage disposal to freshen everything up.

6. If you want to clean out the barrel of your washing machine, simply run a regular cycle without clothes using a combination of bleach and hot water. The next time you do the wash, your clothes will be fresher than ever!


Much like a vacuum cleaner, it can often be pretty easy to forget the fact that the very things that clean our possessions often need a good, thorough cleaning themselves.

This is certainly true when it comes to the washing machines that we use to do our laundry, as the work that they do can seem practically invisible to us humans. Most of the time, we just throw in our dirty clothes and forget about it![/extra]

7. Dryer vents get pretty filthy and clogged up with lint, but a bottle cleaner brush and a vacuum can definitely do the trick. Just fish out excess lint and fuzzy matter, and suck ’em up with the vacuum hose!


8. Window tracks can quickly acquire lots of dirt and grime simply by opening them up to the outside elements. To give them a good clean, just dip a cotton swab in vinegar and wipe.

These cleaning hacks make it easier than ever to make your home look perfect. Just be sure to pick up a lemon and some baking soda on your next trip to the grocery store!


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